Design exhibition of Nordic Architects [May 10-29]

Nordic design exhibition "Architects create design"

Vilnius residents and guests will get a chance to see design exhibition from the masters of modern Nordic architecture.

Scandinavian design works (from very stylish furniture, lighting, accessories and unexposed products premieres) will be presented by Danish KiBiSi, Julien De Smedt Architects, NORM Architects, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Design; Icelanders Arkiteo and LAND-ARkT; Swedes Claesson Koivisto Rune, Sandell Sandberg, TAF Arkitekturkontor and Tham & Videgaard Arkitekter.

Exhibition aims to reveal the broadest range of creative architecture spectrum, besides the development of building volumes. It is characterised by work in inter-disciplinary planes, often permitting to find a simple aesthetic decision regardless of the objects‘size and scale.

The exhibition is intended to encourage cooperation as well as international and interdisciplinary professional partnership between architects, designers and other professionals.

On 7th - 29th of May everyone who is partial to the Nordic contemporary style and aesthetics are invited to visit the exhibition in the Energy and Technology Museum.

A friend of the exhibition - the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania - on 10th of May will invite to a meeting with participants and guests of the Design Week and Innovation Festival, such as Thomas Sandell (Sandell Sandberg, partner), Lars Larsen (KiBiSi, partner), Lars Vejen (Schmidt Hammer Lassen Design, head of design) , Einar Ólafsson (Arkiteo, manager); Dagny Bjarnadottir (LAND-ARkT, manager). During the meeting, guests will present their work in the context of national design and point of view towards the friendship between city and design.

We invite you to join!


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