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Gaming company “TutoTOONS“ receives Innovation Prize 2019

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And the Innovation Prize 2019 goes toooo..... Tutotoons! This year Lithuanian Innovation Centre has decided to award the prize to the company from the gaming industry.

“This sector has a great growth potential but at the same time carries a lot of risks, therefore we decided to award the company that already worked in this sector for quite a bit and demonstrated that it could overcome many challenges and be successful”, says Mantas Vilys, the director of Lithuanian Innovation Centre.

The award ceremony took place at the annual convent GameOn 2019 in Vilnius.

During the event Lithuanian Innovation Centre has also contributed to the promotion of gaming industry through the international consortium Baltic Gaming Industry (#BGI) that has carried out its own awards for the whole region and participated in the discussion about attracting investors into this relatively new, risky, but highly profitable business. Out of the four finalists for the Baltic Sea Games award, a Polish game Weakless has managed to get the biggest support from the crowd, online voters and the jury.

The consortium BGI aims at empowering a booster for regional development within the scope of Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.   

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