19th of May

Innovate Across Border in Lithuania

2018-02-15 08:03 Share:

Due to size, resources and specialization in specific R&D&I areas, the Baltic Sea Region countries do not fully exploit their competitive potential in international markets. In order to increase their competitiveness, it is necessary to foster transnational cooperation and strengthen smart specialization in the region”, says Mantas Vilys, the CEO of the Lithuanian Innovation Centre. Representatives of eight institutions from seven Baltic Sea region countries have met in Vilnius to establish common ground for their national or regional smart specialization strategies in order to encourage effective cross-border cooperation between business, research and experimental development sectors and public institutions, thus contributing not only to the competitiveness of the country but also to the region as a whole. This activity is a part of the GoSmart BSR project funded by Interreg BSR programme.

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