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Lithuanian SMEs lack international cooperation in R&D projects

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Lithuanian Innovation Centre has finished surveying small and medium sized enterprises about their needs, barriers, potential for cooperation and interests in the context of internationalisation, innovation and smart specialisation.

According to the survey results, the majority of the companies interviewed are in some sort of engagement with international partners, especially in the areas of production and logistics. However, they admit having trouble cooperating with those partners in terms of mutual R&D projects. Almost half of the SMEs, 48 percent to be precise, claim that they have never participated in the international R&D project or the cooperation level with international partners regarding R&D is low. They also admit experiencing competition from international companies as a barrier for their further internationalisation attempts.

Therefore, Lithuanian SMEs need innovation development and partner search assistance programs that would enable them to create exclusive products and services.

Lithuanian Innovation Centre is a member of international consortium GoSmart BSR that aims at strengthening smart specialisation by fostering transnational cooperation in Baltic Sea Region. The activities of the consortium are being financed by the Interreg BSR programme from the European regional development fund.

Source: Lithuanian Innovation Centre.

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