19th of May

Lithuanians help the Ukraine to boost innovation partnerships

2018-03-19 13:03 Share:

Two representatives from the Lithuanian Innovation Centre – Mantas Vilys and Arvydas Sutkus – at the request of the EU spent one week in the Ukraine sharing best practices on how to boost innovation partnerships through the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). ‘The Ukraine is a highly promising country: not only in the context of cheap labour, but also in the context of innovation - it has many serious research institutions and innovative businesses. The Ukrainian innovation support system is still under development, but with the help from Europe and especially Lithuania it will be advanced to the fullest to generate success’, says M. Vilys, the CEO of Lithuanian Innovation Centre. As of this February the Ukraine has become a full member of the EEN, and now she can use all the benefits of the network to boost innovation partnerships.

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