04th of March

Women enterpreneurs - perfect source for inspiration

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Anna Fontanelli, manager at Monozukuri Spa, winner of SME Instrument Ph.2 in the cut off of 14 March 2018 with the project 'Heterogeneous Integrated Platform for Electronic system  Redistribution: a revolutionary I/O Planning Solution for 2.5D & 3D Nanoelectronic Systems Design', shares her insights about the bussiness and success with getting funding for development.

You can see her brief interviu here http://empowa.zenit.de/?page_id=85.

Interview has been produced by international consortium EMPOWA that is aiming to boost the participation of women entrepreneurs in the Horizon 2020-SME Instrument programme. In this regard EMPOWA is focussing on selected good practice examples in the area of  female entrepreneurship, which have already made experiences with the SME  Instrument in the Horizon2020 framework programme.

Lithuanian Innovation Centre is a member of the consortium and represents its aims in the country.

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